Airport work on schedule, but key task must be met

The most recent tour by the Sun-Gazette of the new terminal at the Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville showed a project 60 percent complete.

It showed a new facility that is on schedule to be operational by Oct. 1.

The new operation will include improvements everywhere, from public entrances, to public lobby space, to rental car facilities, to security and airline boarding areas, to concessions and employee offices and space.

There will be parking improvements, in number and location, outside the new terminal.

So everything is up to date, which was a large part of the equation for the new 30,000-square-foot building.

And we are on record editorially for supporting this project on several occasions.

However, for the project to be a complete success, the new facility has to be the ignition switch for airline choice, destination and price improvements to those local people – business and individual customers – in our area who count on air mobility.

To compete with other nearby airports of similar size, the Montoursville facility desperately needs to offer service from more than one airline. It needs to offer more flights from larger planes.

It needs to offer multiple destinations.

And, hopefully, it will offer a cheaper pricing structure.

In our view, all of these things would offer a much greater volume of traffic out of the local airport, which is needed to make the terminal replacement and modernization project entirely worth the cost.