Callie Cavanaugh left local legacy for all of us to follow

Loyal Sun-Gazette readers are aware that 9-year-old Callie Cavanaugh of Loyalsock Township lost her courageous, public battle with cancer over the weekend.

Those readers also are aware that Callie did not really lose the battle. She merely changed addresses.

Winning at life means making an impact with the time you are given on this planet. In nine years, Callie’s impact was closer to someone 90.

It was great enough that we recognized her as Sun-Gazette Co-Person of the Year at the end of 2018. The competition for that award typically involves people who are much older than Callie and in a position to do impactful things.

Callie got on that level in eight years by meeting cancer head-on and making her battle the fuel to do great things for others, raising money and giving gifts to children battling the same illness. At a time when she had every right to think of her own situation first, she became a soldier on behalf of everyone else.

In doing so, she bridged the divisions that so often divide communities along political or other lines. Monday’s story was fittingly headlined, “Heaven’s angel.”

And the gift she left behind is eternal – an example for all of us to follow if we want to make the lives of everyone around us and the larger circle of our community better.

Now it’s our turn.

We need to honor the memory and life of Callie by striving to follow her example of goodness and selflessness.

If we do that, our communities will make great strides, the legacy Callie deserves.