Evidence suggests region’s opioid alliance is remaining strong

With Project Bald Eagle disbanding recently, we’ve been heartened by recent assurances that there are medical and court system coalitions in place to carry on the worthy initiatives that Project Bald Eagle helped start to fight the region’s opioid epidemic.

UPMC/Susquehanna Health last week gave public assurances that it has plans in place to continue using all of the practices undertaken in recent years to coordinate medical attention and addiction counseling for those brought to its facilities in drug emergencies.

And at a forum this past week, top officials in Lycoming County’s court system detailed the practices in place for drug dependent people, such as the county’s drug court.

The hope of the drug court is that they can pursue an addiction-free path that turns them into productive community members.

Drug court has an acknowledged record of being a tough test for those in it.

But the graduates of the program have a record of remaining clean that is well above the typical success record of drug recovery programs.

We need medical attention that goes beyond a day in the emergency room to beat the opioid epidemic in our region.

We need hard-earned, fundamental, life changes for drug-addicted people who wind up in our court system.

We have them both.

Hopefully, those will be the touchstones that continue the momentum to fight this opioid epidemic that was started by Project Bald Eagle.