St. Anthony’s Center: The spirit behind it must be carried on

The St. Anthony’s Center is scheduled to hold a meal at noon today, followed by local nuns paying respect to Sister Henry Lambert, who opened the food kitchen for the less fortunate 38 years ago and died in May.

The closure that follows the meal comes with sadness after a variety of difficult realities in recent years. But two other things are important regarding the center today.

The closing of St. Anthony’s Center does not diminish the good that was done there, a clear testimony of what is possible with compassionate vision and willing hearts.

And we need to determine, as a community, how the needs filled by the St. Anthony’s Center can be met in the future.

Of course much has changed in the past four decades. But there are still people in our community with legitimate needs and little access to things most of us take for granted.

We fervently hope that there are individuals and groups in our region capable and willing to step forward to continue the path blazed by Sister Henry and to provide services that may not be available anywhere else in our community.