City correct to seek some control over noise levels

It’s summer. We get that people want to have a good time. And we are fine with that, as long as it does not impinge on everyone else’s idea of a good time. City police and codes officers were at hearings last week petitioning the state Liquor Control Board for a waiver to the state liquor law that would allow them to enable codes enforcement officers and police to enforce the noise levels at places selling liquor.

There are three entertainment zoning districts in the city: The Central Business District, the Pennsylvania College of Technology neighborhood and Arch Street in Newberry. There are about 60 establishments selling liquor with varying amounts of noise coming out of them.

The city is correct to enforce noise levels – personnel use a decibel meter to measure whether noise can be heard from more than 75 feet away. We believe an exception should be made for outdoor entertainment downtown. That limit seems a bit unrealistic in that instance.

But otherwise, a lid on the noise is a fair expectation on behalf of the neighborhoods in which the establishments are located.