Defrocking of Strzok, Brennan overdue, necessary steps

In the past two weeks, former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok has been fired and former CIA Director Jon Brennan had his special security clearance revoked by President Trump.

In both cases, it’s about time.

We are well aware of the major media’s wolfpack chorus that Strzok’s firing amounts to a vendetta and Brennan’s loss of his security clearance is a denial of free speech.

Brennan’s free speech is hardly being denied. He is – and remains – a television commentator, and, as such, has exhibited an over-the-top bias over all things Trump.

For instance, he accused the president of treason when he did not come down hard publicly against Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Any objective reading of the law makes it obvious it was not treasonous behavior.

Brennan was fine with President Obama going on an apology tour worldwide after his election. He also was apparently fine with the Russians meddling in the last presidential election, which he clearly knew about, until his chosen candidate lost.

The special clearance is meant for people who, based on their experience, might be helpful to the sitting administration on matters pertaining to the office they formerly held.

Brennan’s only use of his knowledge has been to publicly attempt to delegitimize the sitting president.

He is free to do that and the president has the right to remove his security clearance.

As for Strzok, he was only the point investigator looking into Russian collusion in our elections. That would have been fine if he actually had done the job with objectivity and professionalism. Instead, he chose to execute a text-revealed plot to overthrow the election results and ignore the real collusion, that involving the Hillary Clinton campaign

He used his time for thousands of texts with his lover that showed an almost blinding dislike for Trump and insinuated a setup meant to stop Trump from assuming the presidency, elected or not.

Those machinations among previous FBI/CIA power brokers, and Strzok’s heavy involvement, have become more obvious with each passing month.

His involvement has unfairly stained the reputations of everyone at the FBI and, frankly, met the firing standard long ago.

Coddling by media friends is the only reason these two actions appear to be anything other than overdue, necessary steps.

They may have handled it differently, but we doubt any of Trump’s predecessors would have put up with the active, public undercutting by two people as powerful as Strzok and Brennan.