First responders: We cannot imagine a world without them

It was tragic. Two people out to enjoy our beautiful Pine Creek entered the water but did not survive. Mother and son both died, but not before some valiant efforts to save the two vacationers from out of the area.

First responders gave everything they had to try to resuscitate her and to find her son, missing in the water for about an hour before he was found, on that otherwise beautiful summer day.

We cannot imagine the anguish they went through as they tried to pull the woman from the water, to revive her and to rush her away to medical help. Sadly she did not survive.

Our first responders face life-and-death situations routinely. That cannot be overstated. Few among us could handle much of what they deal with on a typical day. Scenes such as the double drowning are among the worst and involve heightened emotions. Yet they bravely go there, setting aside emotions until the work is done. Once done, though, what must first responders go through?

We can only imagine how their work must haunt them. What we cannot imagine is a world without them.

To the first responders in the Pine Creek Valley and others throughout the region, we offer our deepest respect, admiration and heartfelt gratitude for being there in the darkest hours of a person’s life.