Iran shows its true intentions; They aren’t good

Meeting with our nation’s enemies in an effort to find some common ground is a good idea, despite criticism of President Donald Trump for meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

At least Putin was willing to talk. That is more than can be said about Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Recently, Trump was asked about getting together with the Iranian leader. He responded he would “certainly meet,” if the opportunity arises. “There’s nothing wrong with meeting,” Trump added.

Rouhani’s chief of staff told a newspaper the White House had asked eight times for a meeting. Rouhani turned Trump down every time.

That is hardly the action of a leader interested in peaceful coexistence with the United States.

Earlier this year, Trump pulled the United States out of a flawed multinational agreement meant to limit Iranian development of nuclear weapons. He said he is ready to conclude a new, more realistic deal.

Iranian leaders’ reluctance to even talk about that speaks volumes about their true intentions regarding their military buildup.