Newberry stage: Correct idea that needs survey input

A common complaint of residents in Williamsport’s Newberry section over the years has been that the West End plays second fiddle to the rest of the city, including the aspect of places for community gatherings and events.

Former Mayor Philip E. Preziosi is trying to do something about that and has plans to add “quality of life” to the park named for him for his years of service to the city.

His evolving plans started with a conceptual pavilion, then changed to a permanent concrete pad and most recently called for a stage that could be put up and down in a matter of minutes and stored at the Lions building.

The stage would provide entertainment for residents who are homebound and unable to get to such facilities as Brandon Park in the city’s East End.

Preziosi’s concept drew mixed feedback at a public meeting last week.

Some residents wondered why anything about the park needs changing.

Some questioned the need for a concrete pad for the stage.

Some are concerned about the area in general, pointing to the presence of heroin needles in front of houses.

We like the idea of bringing something more to the community landscape in the city’s West End.

To that end, given the mixed reception, we think Chelsea Myers, city planning director, is on the right track in suggesting a survey to find out desires of the community.

Something good can happen here and the spirit of the movement is heartening.

A little time to determine exactly what the preferences of residents are can only improve on the concept.