Labor Day reminds us of the timeless worth of our work

“So, what do you do for a living?”

If two people meet randomly and strike up a conversation, it’s one of the go-to questions that likely will come up early in the discussion.

Which puts into perspective what we celebrate this Labor Day.

There are few things that shape us, validate us or are more prideful than what we do to earn a living, pay our bills, send our children to school or help them pay their way through economic challengers.

Other than parenting – which we should all concede is the most important job – our work is what defines us and gives us the greatest opportunity to make a mark in our world.

The beauty of labor is that all of it is valuable. Oh, salaries differ and accepted professional uniforms vary according to the job, but when you get right down to it, all jobs are valuable.

We all serve a purpose in a work place. We all are valuable cogs in a team, whether it involves a workplace of eight or 800, supervision or production.

With the economy on the upswing, the unemployment rate is a rate in which there are more jobs than people applying for them in some parts of the country.

And that is great news for everyone. Wages tend to rise when there are greater demands for qualified workers.

Besides, beyond what happens at the workplace, there is a positive spillover effect to employment.

People who work pay their bills, have money to spend on other things that improve quality of life and bolster several sectors of our economy and tend to be respectful of our nation’s laws.

Realistically, if we have our health and a job, it’s pretty hard to say we are having a bad day.

On this Labor Day, celebrate what you do or, if you are retired, what you did. It’s all important.