City parks donor sets example for others to follow

The city of Williamsport has an anonymous donor willing to establish a legacy fund with a $263,000 gift that would benefit the city’s parks.

There are specific items on the list of benefits, such as re-establishing the pool house at East End as a recreational center with arts and crafts.

And there will be needs in the future.

The donor and his family want some input into how the money is used.

As well they should.

The city is fortunate to have someone with the means who cares enough about its future to establish a fund, which hopefully can grow with additional contributions by others in the future.

It’s especially important that parks, recreation and arts and crafts are involved.

Because, quite frankly, given the city’s well-documented budgetary struggles, these will be areas that will be difficult to finance in the future. They don’t meet the first line of need for the city – public safety, streets and other infrastructure.

But they are important parts of the viability of any city.

Our observation would be that people with the means and the heart for Williamsport should think about how they can financially impact the city into future generations in ways that match their interests and benefit all residents.

That would go a long way toward ensuring the future viability of a city whose financial struggles may only deepen in decades ahead.

The donation is appreciated for what it does now and in the future and just as much for the example it sets to future potential donors.