We can all be more thankful; We can all be better

Food on our tables.

Homes that provide shelter.

Family and friends to share our lives with.

Religion and other foundations to keep us correctly centered.

Those are the things that most of us commemorate on this Thanksgiving. They are the pillars of life and the inspiration that makes us whole human beings who, by their nature, want to do good, think good and act good toward fellow human beings.

Unfortunately, on this Thanksgiving we are forced to acknowledge that many people don’t have or experience all or some of the checklist to a good life lifted above.

If you are aware someone in that category, Thanksgiving prompts occasion to think of them, do something for them and try to put them on a better path.

Thanksgiving’s origins in the Pilgrims and Indians long ago speaks to the need to be tolerant of others, share our bounty with them and forgive our differences.

In other words, be thankful for the lives we have and show it by the way we live those lives.

Man, could our country use more of that attitude.

Our Thanksgiving wish is that your family uses today at the stepping stone to greater unity both within your own group and with everyone you interact with in daily life.

We can all be more thankful.

We can all be better.