On this Christmas, recapture the faith we need more of


Today is Christmas, a day to celebrate and reaffirm faith.

The irony is that in these divisive times, this Christian observance is often under attack, with traditions associated with it challenged, aborted or protested.

In fact, this day and the moments attached to it are a safe place from any political agendas.

Faith is not partisan, it knows no political, economic or cultural affiliation.

Faith means believing in things without seeing them.

That translates into being better people because we know it will make the world better.

It translates into accepting the goodness of others first rather than assuming the worst or drawing negative conclusions prematurely.

It translates into knowing the world is bigger than any of us and the most important things are not what we have but what we give, particularly to others.

And all these translations are available to anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or how they mark this day.

In these times when disagreement seems to be present in every conversation, no matter the intent, we can all agree we need more of what Christmas and this entire holiday season brings us.

We need faith – in our human race – more than ever.

Recapture it today.