Border security, immigration reform more vital than parties

As much as she may wish she could, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot muzzle the president.

For now, however, she is doing a pretty good job of muzzling a country from progress it desperately needs.

Her stunt in suggesting President Donald Trump postpone his scheduled State of the Union speech succeeded in delaying his address, even with an end to the partial government shutdown with a three-week stopgap compromise Friday.

Objective observers will recall that Pelosi a few weeks ago issued a formal invitation for Trump to address Congress. But then she made a very public request that he postpone the speech. She claimed to be concerned about security because of the shutdown of some federal agencies.

Those involved in keeping the president and other high-ranking officials safe dismissed her claim and said she had not expressed those concerns to them. In other words, she lied to suit her petty, political purposes.

For many decades, it has been customary for both the House and U.S. Senate to hold a joint session early in the year to hear the State of the Union address. The very section of the Constitution requiring presidents to provide State of the Union reports from time to time also gives them the authority to convene both houses of Congress. Pelosi’s assent is not required.

Her blessing is not required on Democratic votes in the House, either. It’s too bad clear-minded Democrats don’t seem to realize that or are afraid to test breaking with the party powerbrokers.

After Trump agreed to reopen the government, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer lauded the party’s ability to stick together and fight the president.

Since when is party security more important than border security – which, by the way, many Democrats have voted for in the past?

Most of the country will gladly wait for a State of the Union speech if Democrats and Republicans will finally solve this immigration crisis in the next three weeks, before it becomes worse.

It’s simple:

• Use a combination of infrastructure and other enhancements to better secure our borders from daily entrance by illegal immigrants.

• Reform immigration laws to take care of the children of illegal immigrants.

• Approve humanitarian aid for the increased numbers stranded at the southern border due to ill-advised caravans.

• Increase the number of border agents to enforce laws at the border and increase the personnel and immigration court capabilities to speed the legal immigration process, measures no one has opposed in the past.

Trump, after consulting with border agents and other immigration professionals, has been told these are the needs and offered all of these measures in some form.

Unfortunately, Democratic leadership is too busy trying to push false narratives to accept what would have been viewed as a practical compromise if anyone else suggested it.

A complicit national media can continue to fail to due its objective reporting job on this issue, but eventually most reasonable Americans will figure out who is trying to solve the problem and who cares more about grinding a political ax.

This is not supposed to be about winning and losing a political war. It’s supposed to be about solving a problem, which is what these alleged public servants were elected to do.

They have three weeks to prove they care more about solving a national problem than politically embarrassing each other.