Latest reckless rumor rebuked; Mueller, Barr bring sanity

We’ve lost track of the number of supposed bombshell stories sent breathlessly out to the public in the past two years regarding the probe into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 election that proved false or overblown.

The latest and arguably bombshell of all bombshells was a report 10 days ago by Buzzfeed that President Trump ordered his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to investigators.

Barely 12 hours later, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller rebuked the report. The rebuke was significant because Mueller’s office has played its investigation very close to the vest, seldom weighing in on any of the dozens of stories floated about the investigation.

For Mueller’s office to feel it necessary to publicly debunk the story gives some indication of how reckless the story was. It also is a heartening indicator that Mueller’s office is in the business of building a report that is based on facts and nothing else. Clickbait and reckless reporting might drive websites, but it apparently is not the threshold for justice in the special counsel’s office.

In these times when dislike seems to be the key element in determining much of what passes for news reporting, we need the special counsel’s office to do its job with objectivity and fairness.

Equally heartening, Robert Barr, nominee for attorney general, seems to share the thinking Mueller’s office is a needed oasis of sanity. At his nomination hearing, he made it quite clear to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he has no intention of interfering with Mueller’s probe.

As much as we’d like to see the probe wrapped up, we need it done completely and released to the public amid an aura of fairness and independence. It is only in that way that the report will bring closure to the country, with findings that carry integrity.

Reckless stories borne of obvious bias and no regard to the principles of journalism don’t help the country at all.