Major drug bust shows trafficking still huge problem

Despite multi-faceted efforts to curtail it, drug trafficking is very much alive and well in Lycoming County.

The proof of that is in a recent drug bust that resulted from a traffic stop on Interstate 180 in Williamsport.

In what could be one of the biggest drug busts in the county’s history, state police recently seized an estimated $100,000 worth of cocaine stored in a hidden compartment inside an SUV during a traffic stop for alleged speeding.

A man with prior arrests for drug trafficking and an address of Paterson, New Jersey was charged with one felony count of possession with intent to deliver cocaine.

Two pounds of cocaine allegedly were found.

A veteran policeman called it one of the largest drug busts in county history.

The good news is that state police got the drugs off the illegal market. At the traffic stop, the driver appeared to be confident the drugs would not be found.

The bad news is that they were available in the first place, suggesting there remains a strong drug trafficking system in place in our region, complete with cars specially designed to transport the drugs.

Stopping illegal drug trade is a painstakingly arduous process, literally achieved one bust at a time.

While eliminating possession of the drug by users is a good thing, stopping the trafficking of the drug by sellers is more significant.

And that’s what was achieved by this drug bust.

That’s a good thing, but the best-case scenario would be these busts not being necessary in the future.