Route 220 safety corridor project: Costly, necessary

The latest Route 220 safety corridor project is coming sooner than later, with work due to begin in the fall.

It will be expensive, with an estimated cost of $36 million.

And it will be a lengthy exercise, taking about three years to complete.

It also is necessary.

Any look at accident statistics over the past three decades attests to the need for a variety of improvements on the heavily traveled highway between Williamsport and Jersey Shore.

Those needed improvements will include work that involves prohibiting left turns onto Route 220 and providing safer turn-around points.

There will be replacement of a couple bridges and resurfacing of the entire highway.

The bridgework will come first, followed by temporary pavement and addressing the u-turns and left turns.

All of those things are necessary improvements.

In our view, the work prohibiting the left turns and making the u-turns safer is the most important part of the project.

Those are the aspects of the highway that create an unsafe situation.

Of course, the improvements can only improve the safety of the Route 220 corridor so much. The rest depends on drivers respecting how unsafe this portion of the area highway system is and driving more safely.

Some motorists have responded to that reality, others have not.

To maximize this $36 million safety investment, safe driving principles on the corridor need to be embraced by all motorists.