A lightly-regarded asset may lure industry to area

Infrastructure is the poor stepchild of economic development.

We all want new business, new industry and the new jobs that are the stuff of economic development.

But having the proper infrastructure intact to service that new business or industry is not something people focus on or deem an acceptable cost. Water and sewer systems fall into this category.

Fortunately, Lycoming County has paid the price and has a strong water and sewer system overseen by a water and sanitary authority that can act as an economic development partner.

Because of all that, the area’s Marcellus Energy Park is a leading candidate for a significant industry considering a move to the region.

Lycoming County Water and Sanitary Authority officials were part of a recent meeting with the potential new job provider and provided information to answer its questions regarding potential rates and available water and wastewater capabilities.

The unnamed industry in question has heavy water and wastewater treatment needs and this region is a candidate for them specifically because it has the capability of handling those needs.

A decision by the industry is expected soon.

Let’s hope our region has enough to offer. And let’s feel good that we at least appear to have a major part of the infrastructure puzzle in place for both the current economic development candidate and future ones.