Kids United project is more than worth community support

We all want life — and all its daily trappings — to be as close to normal as possible.

But for kids with cognitive or physical disabilities, normal is not an option.

And that includes everything, including a place to play with other kids.

A community alliance of individuals and groups is trying to change that. They are in the midst of a fundraising campaign to accumulate the money needed for the estimated $400,000 cost of the Kids United Playground.

A lot of the basics are in place.

There is a site — the Stevens Primary School on Louisa Street in Williamsport, on land owned by the Williamsport Area School District. The school has agreed to deal with the insurance, the maintenance, upkeep and security at the playground.

There is a design for the playground, which would benefit in particular an area that is diverse and economically disadvantaged.

There is about $133,000 in funding already in place for the project.

The project now rests in the community’s hands. Is the heart there to raise the rest of the money needed for the park?

Fundraisers and events probably will answer that question. A three-on-three basketball tournament recently was held to raise money.

On May 3, “Boots, Barrels and Barbecue,” featuring local recording artist and American Idol notable Aaron Kelly, is planned at the Genetti Hotel.

What can you do?

It’s really quite simple. When you see an event that benefits the Kids United Playground, support it.

The broader our net of daily life quality, the greater our community’s fabric and quality becomes.