Today we honor ultimate sacrifice of Americans

In an era when it feels like our country’s history is being pushed into the deep background of who we are, or challenged for its validity, it’s easy to forget the meaning of Memorial Day.

Today is set aside to remember American soldiers who gave their lives in battle for this country and the cause of freedom. It should never be politicized, revised or downplayed.

If you have ever read the Sun-Gazette’s countless stories from area military veterans of multiple conflicts, you get a clear understanding of what a battlefield looks like. You can feel the peril. You can feel the courage. You can feel the dedication to country.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have not lived to tell their stories. They made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to protect our nation’s security and freedom and the cause of independence worldwide.

What would today in America look like without the heroism and sacrifice of boundlessly brave Americans in World War II? We shudder to even consider it.

For most of us, it’s impossible to calculate the courage and sacrifice of those we honor today. They have protected our country and its ideals and protected millions of people around the globe seeking to emulate those ideals.

They did it because they believed in what this country stands for. They believed it enough to give their lives.

We may not be capable of understanding it, but we should always honor those we remember on this Memorial Day.

Like their sacrifice, our recognition of them should be eternal.

And, as imperfect as our country’s history is, the part that is remembered on Memorial Day should never be subject to rewriting or agenda-driven revision.