YMCA merger bolsters future of Lock Haven facility

Non-profit organizations travel treacherous slopes these days in an effort to provide services that fulfill missions, all the while balancing budgets and meeting payrolls for modest employment rosters.

The River Valley Regional YMCA appears to be meeting all those challenges.

In recent years, the organization opened a branch that serves residents in the eastern end of Lycoming County, meeting a need for many residents in the largest geographic county of Pennsylvania.

The organization moved from its out-of-date Williamsport headquarters a few years ago to a new building next to UPMC/Susquehanna Health, where the advancement in facility and programming offerings has been obvious.

And last week it formalized a merger with the Lock Haven YMCA.

The move — two years in the making — makes the regional YMCA more efficient from an administrative standpoint. But most importantly, it’s a hand up for the Lock Haven YMCA.

The support from the regional organization will allow the Lock Haven facility to continue operating with effectiveness.

That translates into continued services for residents of the Lock Haven area.

The Lock Haven “Y” plants to return its rock wall to its list of activities and expand its services.

That expansion includes plans for more programming, such as a new basketball programed and a strengthening of child care offerings.

Child care offerings from organizations such as the YMCA are particularly important in an era when both parents are working and finding reliable care for children is difficult.

The expansion of the River Valley Regional YMCA umbrella to Lock Haven will help the entire organization in the region and the Lock Haven facility in particular.