Career center grads uniquely equipped for employment

The more than 90 students who graduated from the Lycoming Career and Technology Center recently represented the following areas of study: Automotive technology, computer systems, construction technology, criminal justice, culinary arts, drafting and design technology, early childhood education and health care.

We cannot imagine a future in which any of those skills will not be in high demand.

That’s what makes the Lycoming Career and Technology Center such a vital part of the area’s education portfolio, a sector of the instructional offerings that is worth expanding.

We have heard it a million times — education is the essential element that prepares young people for a productive, successful future of employment.

Unfortunately, the societal mindset has too often defined education to mean a four-year college degree, when, in fact, a technical education can provide just as much or more value.

This first class of CTC graduates born completely in the new millenium is perfectly situated to thrive in the future in ways defined well by the graduation’s keynote speaker, state Rep. Garth Everett, a Muncy Republican who represents much of our region:

“There are employers out there looking for these young folks to go to work right away. Or, if they’re choosing to go to get a two-year certificate or a four-year degree, hopefully you’ll stick in the technical area because that’s where the jobs are. That’s where the lack of job applicants is.”

The short version of that statement is that the Lycoming Career and Technology Center offers education with a clear, practical purpose. It is a special part of our local education system that not every locality has and must be preserved and expanded if possible.