A bad idea

There is bill in the PA Legislature (House ) which would put a fee on handicapped parking placards and require regular renewals. This money would supposedly go to fund Centers for Independent Living.

This is a bad idea on several counts. 1. It’s burdensome for people with disabilities to have to do the paperwork and get money orders (many don’t even have checking accounts.) 2. This is taking money out of the left pocket to put it into the right. It adds another layer of administration. It will end up costing people with disabilities more. You might as well suggest we hold bakesales to support our services!

There’s a hundred ways that essential services could be funded that isn’t just another weight on those who are already carrying the crushing burdens of disability and the poverty it usually brings! Try again! How about a tax on luxury vehicles? What is currently happening to the fines that are being collected from people who park without permits in handicapped spots?

Muriel Hykes

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom