A new one

Wow, that’s a new one. Let’s use scare tactics and untruths against the weak and gullible. It’s typical for you to use loaded questions akin to, “are you still beating your wife?” Or, “do you support clean water and strict punishment for environmental polluters?” as a ballot referendum when you really mean, we’re going to borrow millions and significantly raise future taxes via a bond issuance to push our water and sewer extension idea.

Try living on $1,400 per month in Social Security and paying out $190 a month for Health Insurance, $1,500/yr. in medical deductibles, $1,880/yr. in property and school taxes; plus paying for home-owners insurance, fuel oil, groceries, electric utilities, and other typical living and housing expenses. Stop scaring the elderly and other vulnerable groups with falsities just so you and your buddies can continue as benefactors of a government unable to control its’ spending habit. Right now, it’s “We the People” against rich billionaires the likes of Soros and Bloomberg who spread such nonsense and control the state run media for political gain. For goodness sake, smarten up and stop spreading that same tripe.

William L. Harris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom