A prayer

Columbus arrived in the Western Hemisphere in 1492. I did not say “discover” because there were millions of people already living here. None could have heard of Jesus. I wonder what Rev. Otto believes happened to all those natives’ souls who had never heard of Christ. Did the Incans perish without salvation as Pizarro’s missionaries facilitated their near extermination?

Would you have believed the message of love and eternal salvation delivered to you by Cortez and his merry band of marauders as they raped, pillaged and massacred the inhabitants of Mexico. What about people who are so severely mentally damaged they can make no cognitive decisions about any aspect of their lives? Are these people also doomed to eternal damnation? What about our precious one year old granddaughter who knows her family and how to signify pleasure and distress in simple gestures and behaviors?

I pray all these people are not doomed. If they are not, what about Jews and Buddhists and Shintoists, and dare I even include Muslims? Does Jesus really want Heaven to not be so crowded?

Daniel G. Ehrgood


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom