Address climate change

During his first news conference following re-election, President Obama offered a vision of his second term agenda. While the economy was still at the top of his list, the president also stated addressing climate change is an obligation and among his top priorities. For our country’s sake, I hope that this continues to be a top priority for the President and does not fall prey to the gridlock that pervades federal policy-makers in Washington, although we know it will.

The Environmental Protection Agency has already crafted historic regulations on power-plants, the nations largest source of carbon pollution. Due to political hand-wringing around the election, this landmark regulation has been delayed until later in 2013, at the earliest. President Obama must pick up where he left off by putting this regulation for new power-plants on the books; furthermore he must extend these standards to existing power plants and require them to reach required levels or be retired in favor of newer green technologies. Wind energy in particular. If congress doesn’t cooperate, he must be prepared to do anything within his power to achieve results, as climate change presents the biggest threat to humankind in recorded history. Just as he worked to set strong fuel efficiency standards last year, our president has shown he has the desire and capability to create lasting solutions, now it is time to show he has the endurance and courage to lead on climate change.

Den Socling

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom