Adoption hopes dashed

You must be aware of the ban on adoptions of children from Russia. I want to make you aware that you have a family in Williamsport who has been affected directly by these recent events. We were on the last stage of the adoption process, with the anticipation of bringing a baby girl by February, and it has all been cruelly stopped.

Last October we received our referral, with the picture of a twelve month old baby girl named Svetlana and some medical information, and hurried to travel to Volgograd to meet her. We were charmed by her sweetness and beauty and agreed to adopt her. We signed the petition for the court proceedings and had it notarized officially in Volgograd. We returned home November first and were waiting for the court hearing date, and our case manager told us that it would most probably be for the beginning of January, but the same day we were supposed to receive the court date the news broke out that the Magnitzkiy Law had provoked the reaction we are suffering right now.

We have spent years of document preparation, training, and expenses to reach this point and then be suddenly stopped. We feel the pain of the other families who were in the same stage, and of those who had hopes and interest in adopting from Russia. We don’t think we are one of the 46 cases quoted by the news, because our case had not been heard yet in court, but we know there are many families in a similar situation. The reaction from the Russian government is unfortunate and confusing. The problem is between diplomats, so if they want to retaliate against the United States, then they could take it against diplomats and equivalent level politicians, but children are innocent bystanders in this sad game of politics. It is inhumane to use them as torpedoes to hurt the other side. Nobody wins anything, because children will remain in orphanages indefinitely, the Russian people will not change their ways and start adopting them out of pity, Americans will just look for somewhere else to adopt children, the politicians will not solve their differences, and the whole world will look at the Russian politicians who approve of such measure with contempt and scorn.

Joseph E. LeBlanc


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom