Agree to disagree

In response to Dr. David Keller’s letter “Misapplied Immaturity,” we, as Americans, are given our freedom of religion in our Constitution. It’s right there in the Bill of Rights. This is paired with right to petition and to assemble, as well as freedom of speech and press.

Dr. Keller talks about how I should not learn my morals and values solely from others. I’ve grown up around some really great people. I’ve learned important lessons in tolerance, acceptance, and truly “loving my neighbor” from these people.

Now, Dr. Keller says that people are not the best source of instruction. He is correct. Which is why I see these people that are intolerant and I learn to not be like them.

People make mistakes, for we are imperfect. I suppose, even in a stretch of a metaphor, one could equate God to a guard rail. Where some may falter on a slippery road and the guard rail stops them from plummeting over a cliff, I’m sure you could argue that when another falters in life, God will stop them from falling, so to speak.

I have painstakingly come to the conclusion that there is no God. I will disagree with Dr. Keller, and say that my time at Mansfield University has been nothing if not enlightening. For that, I would like to thank all of my professors and peers for their time and insight.

I’m proud to live in a country where the government does not force religion down my throat.

Bryan Mahosky


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom