I continue to be amazed at the ineptitude or should I say arrogance of local municipalities and authorities in Lycoming. I’m referring this time to the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority!

It boggles my mind that Arch Street in Newberry is closed due to the installation of a new water main. While I laud the authorities foresight to update its water mains, I have to find fault with it’s lack of planning.

A logical mind would have assumed that the work should have been done while the Arch Street Bridge was closed for 4 or 5 months. Not! That would have necessitated advanced planning.

I placed a phone call to the municipality that should have been overseeing the work and was told that “Arch Street will be milled and a 1-inch base coat will be applied before winter.”

I guess their definition of winter is different than mine as a 4-wheel-drive vehicle is almost needed to drive on the open portion of aforementioned road!

I’ll be if I had an open hole in the road in front of my home for 5 or 6 months the same municipality would have fined me numerous times. Amazing how it is fine for them but not for the private citizens funding these projects.

Thanks again to all involved in this timely project. Not!

Michael Gohrig


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom