Be responsible

I thought that the dog owners were supposed to have their dogs under control at all times when they are walking them. Also that they are to always be leashed!

I am an avid outdoors person, running , biking, etc. I often use the bike path to run and of course bike. I am tired of people letting their dogs off the leash to run. I have been subject to strange dogs running at me barking and growling with the owner a good 30 yards away. This just happened again to me on Dec. 21st. Of course, I always hear the same line from the owners once they put the dog back on the leash, ” I am so sorry , they never do that .” If the dog is kept on the leash, then there won’t be any reason to be sorry and all of us that also us the outdoors to exercise will feel safe. Be responsible!

David Counsil


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom