Common sense

Gun control needs some common sense. We already have gun control, but it is not being properly use. Instead of outlawing guns, use the laws we have, for instance when the Sandy Hook shooter was denied a gun on the Tuesday, before the shooting why wasn’t an ATF Agent, or FBI Agent or even a local police officer sent to visit him and ask why he wanted a gun, simple enough and it might have prevented this incident.

We should change the law to make it a requirement that anyone denied a gun under the existing law be paid a visit within 48 hours by law enforcement. Secondly we should change the question on the form regarding mental health, not only should it ask if the applicant has any mental issues it should ask does anyone residing with them have any mental issues and if answered yes, the gun should be denied.

Thirdly anyone owning a gun should be required to provide proof of owning a gun safe to put their weapons in. And if law enforcement is ever to visit their home for what ever reason, and finds an unsecured gun, they should have to give up ownership of all their weapons, no I am not calling for the right for law enforcement to just randomly stop and check your home but if they get a call there, or if someone in the home applies for a gun and is denied, they should have the right to check and make sure all weapons in the home are secured. Such measures would make our current gun laws have some teeth and prevent many shootings.

Harry Tompkins


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom