Wow! Jeremy Moses’ letter Jan. 11 is the perfect example of cultural desensitization. When is the last time you saw front page headlines that the local abortion clinic set a new record by performing more than 20 abortions in a single day? Do you think it would make prime time news 24/7 for several weeks? No? So why is a daily public heart wrenching display from pro-life advocates necessary in order for their concerns to be legitimate?

The implication seems to be that only things which produce grief, tears, introspection and/or prayer are morally identifiable. Is that really the kind of world you want to live in and promote? Should the level of grief felt or displayed determine morality? I value all life and do not feel I have authorization to judge one life as more or less valuable than another. I suspect others lack necessary authorization.

When our government legalized abortion, it began desensitizing us to unborn lives in this world. Doesn’t make it right.

David E. Grube


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom