Disappointing editorial

Your editorial on the Newtown shootings was very, very disappointing.

While we can all agree on the points you made regarding more help & support for the mentally ill and the need to look at the violence in the video & entertainment industry…you completely missed the point on any discussion regarding military type weapons and high capacity ammunition clips.

Do we really need these in circulation legally or illegally? I say No. Sadly, we all became aware last week that these types of weapons in the wrong hands can kill & wound dozens in just 60 seconds.

In regards to an armed security guard in schools that should be up to individual schools and school districts, as it is now.

But at dismissal time, when 40 or 50 children are pouring out the school’s front door, that lone guard with a side arm will not take out an insane gunman who has an assault rifle before he wounds or kills another 30 children and adults.

I am amazed this newspaper cannot see, or chooses to ignore the increased killing power that military type weapons have in the wrong hands.

John Young


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom