False claims

One recent letter writer attacked President Obama for hypocrisy because despite his response to the Newtown shootings, he supports “the killing of thousands of unborn babies” in the form of legal abortions. Another suggested that his grief was all fake in light of his abortion policies. But do you really want to go there?

What were your reactions to this shooting? Grief? Tears? Maybe introspection and prayer? All natural responses. Now ask yourself, can you honestly look in the mirror and say that the murder of twenty school children is morally identical to twenty abortions?

Before you answer that, think through the implications of what you’re saying. If you answer yes, then you are saying that you experience all of the same emotional pain and sorrow that you felt after hearing about the Newtown shooting, except a hundred times stronger and every day. Really? Come on now, we know that this is not the case.

Look, you can oppose abortion without believing that it is equal to murder, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But by making obviously exaggerated statements like this, you obscure the real issues and undermine honest dialogue.

Jeremy Moses


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom