This is a needed response to Mr. Saunders’ regurgitation of falsehoods regarding firearms in America. We all are horrified by the evil that visited Newport and our hearts go out to those grieving families, but the answer is not to destroy our Constitution.

Please, provide some justification for the assertion, “The world’s laxest gun legislation.” Firearms are well regulated by state and federal laws. The inference to the “gun show loophole” is also nonsense. All firearms dealers are registered and monitored by the BATFE, state police and “Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the County,” in our case the Lycoming County Sheriff. That includes all sales made by dealers at gun shows.

The government has placed “logical limitations” on the Second Amendment. All persons purchasing a firearm from a dealer must undergo a background check prior to receiving it. Anyone purchasing multiple firearms within a five day period is immediately reported to the sheriff and BATFE for additional monitoring. Firearms of a certain size, caliber, capability or decibel level are restricted under the National Firearms Act and have been since 1934. Items covered under these laws mandate further checks to prevent them from being used by criminals.

I, too, am a “Peace loving American” that believes this Nation’s security from threats both here and abroad can and has only been maintained by a free, armed populace. Si vis pacem, para bellum has been a sound security philosophy for over 1500 years.

Your, “OK by me,” condescension of arbitrary restrictions of the rights of “gun nuts” by blaming them for the criminal activity of others is most disturbing. Sadly, Evil is afforded the same opportunity to act as Good in a free society. The gun, knife, bomb, hammer, or airplane is an inanimate object that the individual chose. Why is it so hard for those who share your mindset to differentiate between lawful citizens and criminals? What freedoms are you willing to surrender because of the wickedness of others?

Our elected officials will “never let an emergency go to waste.” The desire for severe punishment and restrictions on the law abiding have been spewed forth before the bodies were counted in Newport. They incite the ignorant to move quickly while emotion overrides our logic. Rather than perpetuate these falsehoods, why not educate yourself on the issue? I’m sure our local retailers would be more than willing to answer your questions.

Raymond J. Hartman II


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom