For Rell

Last week, an Op Ed contributor wrote that the majority of guns in the United States have never killed anyone. He said that only “criminals, gangs and ‘challenged’ people'” can be held responsible. Another man wrote that everyone should have the right to own as many hand guns as they wish, and yet another insisted that drugs — not guns –fuel violence. I agree that drugs instigate violence, especially in Williamsport. I understand that triggers do not pull themselves, and I can sympathize with those who hunt for sport or keep a gun for protection.

But yesterday, a boy I went to high school with was shot and killed. The cause of death was not the fist of a criminal, or a drug overdose. He died from a bullet. What may have been a scuffle turned into a murder, and a gun made it possible. So if the statistics don’t do it for you, then I’d like to know: Would you give up your gun if it meant saving a kid in your town? If not, then you are at least part of the gun problem in this country. But if you would, then please call Rep. Marino or your county’s representative. Tell them that we are desperate for tighter gun control.

Maria Giordano