Global warming and power

The issue isn’t whether or not there has been a warming trend over the past few years.

The issue is whether or not Man’s activities are a significant factor in this. Politicians who have an agenda to impose yet another tax (carbon tax) are operating under the assumption that the warming is caused by Man’s activities, and the “science” that backs their assertion is far from rigorous.

It does not stand up under close scrutiny. Evidence indicates there have been similar warming and cooling cycles in the past. There is also current evidence that points to the recent warmer trend being caused by a more active solar cycle; Mars has seen a similar warming trend; Carbon Dioxide levels increase as a result of warming, and can be seen to have increased with past warm cycles as well as evidenced by ice and soil samples.

The current warming started before carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gas” concentrations increased.

Romuald Andraka

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom