Gun control suggestions

As our vice president fields opinions on gun control to come up with new laws in control of them. I have a few suggestions. First, enforce the laws that were already enacted.

Secondly, a new suggestion based on my personal experience as a retired police officer, anyone who is convicted as a straw purchaser or a person who steals a gun and sells / trades it illegally to another should be found guilty of conspiracy for any crime that occurs by the same weapon in the future.

Thefts of guns happen almost weekly in the Williamsport area. I took a report from a person years ago that had purchased three hand guns legally in one day and on the way home he forgot to pick up the bag the three handguns were in, allegedly leaving them on the city bus. People who steal guns for drugs or money should be held accountable for all crimes that are committed by that weapon, even in the future!

David Bailey

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom