Hagel stories

Great choice of experts to pick to argue why Chuck Hagel should not be Defense Secretary.What makes these two people experts on the military or on our defense?

Mr. Krauthammer did not serve in the U.S. military as he was conveniently going to college in Canada during the Vietnam conflict.

According to his biography, Mr. Cal Thomas served for one year as a draftee in New York City and then somehow convinced the Army to give him an early release from service with an honorable discharge. I’m betting he never served at all.

Both of these gentlemen seem to think that any country in Asia starting with the letter “I” is more important than the U.S. Why should Mr. Hagel care about their pet countries? He is being charged with the defense of the U.S., not every country in Asia.

As to their weeping over defense cuts, I’m sure that every veteran will agree with Mr. Hagel that the military is too fat. As a decorated combat infantryman, I expect Mr. Hagel knows just how much we need B1 Bombers and 35,000 nuclear weapons to fight the Taliban. Just who are we planning to fight when we spend more on weapons than all of the rest of the world combined? Hagel is the man we need to get us out of NATO, out of Asia; and out of spending money for expensive toys for the military.

Al Sever


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom