Kindness vs. problems

I’m writing in response to “Irresponsible pet owners and irritation for Hughesville residents.”

I lived in Hughesville for 48 years and just cleaned up the piles, as they would appear in my yard. I’ve also shared the cleanup efforts with my neighbors. Some people would love to have a green lawn. Now I’ve seen the neighborhood cats without their leashes but the bigger issue is that they have little ones that are not born at home, run wild and who will have them spayed or neutered?

When I lived in town seems we always had to remove the snow from the sidewalks, move it to make parking places for vehicles, keep the drains cleared from snow and ice, so the water run off didn’t make it into your basements and that was fine.

As a youngster I can remember the dump trucks setting around town as the plow trucks moved the snow and put in them, it was then hauled to empty lots. Today, I see snow is pushed from one end of town to the other at 90 miles an hour.

My parent owns corner lots and I would tell you there was always a great deal of work to be done there on the “corner” lots. So when I read that President Jeff Berger would consider raising taxes so the Borough cold remove snow, I was overwhelmed, to say the least.

More than likely if plow truck drivers would show consideration and respect for the property owners, then maybe the so-called “corners” would stand a chance at being shoveled out and the sidewalks would be cleared in a timely manner.

There would be no need for taxes to go up. Or maybe that is what it takes for the borough employees to know how the property owner feels. Kindness and consideration can go a long way toward cooperation.

Jamie Fry