Opposite results

I watched the 41st presidential inauguration and reflected back four years to President Obama’s first inauguration speech. It was positive sounding with encouragement for positive growth for our great country. However, his actions have had the opposite results.

Additional tax and spend policies and more liberal ideas in the future will result in further division of this great country. Our debt of over $16 trillion is estimated to be $20 trillion by the end of this four-year term. Our weak economy consisting of 20 million unemployed citizens, continued higher cost of living, additional new unknown taxes projected from the Obama Health Care Law and weak foreign policies makes one wonder what is happening to our great country.

Our president appears to want to continue taxing and spending policies with no real concern for our future generations. Continued weak foreign policies will allow more acts of terrorism against our country and our citizens here and abroad.

The loss of 4,000 military personnel in Iraq and over 2,000 in Afghanistan has resulted in many thousands of injured veterans and their families suffering severely. What has this long, expensive war really proven once our troops are withdrawn and our enemies begin to regroup and continue their previous activities?

Kudos to U.S. Representative Tom Marino for sponsoring a bill to have a federal hiring freeze, with some conditions, until the country’s budget deficit is eliminated. We need real leadership actions by our president and less rhetoric blaming the Republicans.

Ray F. Tyler