Political football

Our dysfunctional government is at it again. With the NFL playoffs starting, it seems only fitting to describe Washington’s handling of the fiscal cliff in football terms.

There was confusion right from the start. The Red team and the Blue team both showed up in their home uniforms. Mistakenly, each team believed they had home field advantage. Perhaps they didn’t get the message that the game was supposed to be played on a neutral field for the benefit of ALL the fans.

The game was a defensive struggle as each team probed for weakness and opportunity. But even though they had plenty of time to prepare, neither team showed any ability to move the ball. And despite their intense desire to score points for their fans, neither team came close to the end zone.

So the Red team would run a few plays and punt. The Blue team would take over and do the same. Back and forth they went, with neither team having the playbook, the skill, or the coaching to move the ball.

Finally, at the two minute warning, the starters got benched for playing ineffectively and the subs came in. Truth be told, no one expected much of them either. But at this point their role was to just run out the clock and not make a critical mistake that could cost their team the game.

So the Red team and the Blue team each took a knee, regulation time came to an end, and many felt like they had just kissed their sister.

But don’t despair, football fans. Playoff games can’t end in a tie. There has to be a winner and a loser, so we’re going to overtime. Now the clock is irrelevant. It’s sudden death, so the action might be fast and furious. Maybe they’ll even fight over the rules for the coin toss to see which team gets the ball first.

Or, sadly, it could end up being more of the same.punt, punt, punt. In the end, it could leave the fans of the Red team and the Blue team plus those who are neutral feeling tired of watching an inferior product.

And at that point, after suffering through still another frustrating game of political football, it might be a good idea for the fans – who are actually the owners – to look for some new players and coaches.

Don Shade

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom