Pyramid, Ponzi schemes

Most often used by swindlers, or sellers of soap. The idea is to convince people that they can profit enormously with little cost. The cost is carried by the layers underneath which cost is passed down to the next layer.

It is easy to see that mathematically that a pyramid can quickly run out of “marks”, that being those who are greedy and easily fooled.

For example: An 11 layered pyramid with 6 players at the top would have to include the population of the United States for support at the base. Over half of Americans drawing from a smaller and smaller base forms the likeness of an upside down pyramid which cannot be supported.

Our GOP and Dem elected are elected, for the most part because they promise to reward electors by bringing home the bacon or “pork”.

Whether conservative or progressive, politicians must reward those they count on for reelection. It is we the electorate that must make the hard choice, not our politicians.

How can we hold them to ideals while hypocritically we hold out our hands?

I’ll conclude with the ending of a “Letter” I wrote in April 2008: “We could end our own hypocrisy by requiring that government live within budget, that “gifts” will no longer be accepted when it means government will overspend and that we no longer can be bribed with our own money”.

Jude Richardson

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom