Re-examination needed

It’s about time school districts re-examine both school services and facilities as dollars continue to dry up. School administrators have for too long, catered to the well-being of wages, pension plans, health insurance, lavish schools and living styles. These preferences were given equal priority with the basic purpose of educating and the well-being of our students. Now it is time to tear up the macadam driveways and parking lots, because we can no longer afford to have them sealed.

The retired senior citizens of the state of PA who own the home in which they live, are being crucified from the Governor’s office all the way down to the cities, boroughs and municipalities in which we live. We are not represented or protected against property taxes being increased year after year, or the lethal increases in school taxes that are eating up a fourth of our social security income. We are being forced into poverty as paupers who require support at the expense of the public. This year the average senior homeowner received an increase in social security of 46 cents a day, which was lowered to 23 cents a day after deducting $7 a month for a raise in Medicare Insurance. Every year we are hit with either an increase in property taxes or another school tax increase, without a sufficient increase in our social security checks to offset the difference.

Our social security checks were not intended to be a reserve supply of funds to be used and abused by our local government and to finance our local school districts. Therefore, senior retirees who no longer work should not be expected to pay property taxes and school taxes as they did when they worked because our social security checks remain far below the poverty level set by our federal government. My message to the general public is take notice because where we seniors are today is exactly where everyone will end up in life, and it is far from being pleasant.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.