Ruining a holiday

It is amazing how a person can ruin a person’s holiday with vandalism. On Dec. 22, my husband and I parked in the handicapped area behind a pharmacy at the Lycoming Mall. Since it was so-o-o-o windy, I did not put the handicap placard on the rearview mirror since we had a physically handicapped license plate. This handicapped area holds eight cars. We were only in the Mall about 30 minutes. When we came out, I noticed a long scratch on the rear passenger door as I hurriedly got into the car because of the wind.

When we arrived at home, parked the car into garage, and unloaded the car, I, again, saw the long scratch. I thought that perhaps since our car was so dirty that it was just a mark in the dirt. We took the car to the car wash and that long scratch was still there. It did not wash off.

Apparently, the person who visited the Lycoming Mall is of a different “breed” than the local people here in Bloomsburg are.

What really hurt was that it happened before Christmas a day of supposedly remembering the birth of Christ. I hope some day someone will do something that will effect this person as deeply as this spiteful action affected us!

Madeline Foshay


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom