Sacrificial lambs

Here we go again, the president, the liberals in Congress and the brain-dead Hollywood elite know what’s best for the rest of us. We need to ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines. What a bunch of hypocrites, but they can afford to be because the ban won’t affect them. The Secret Service will still have weapons that are already illegal for most of us to own, and many members of Congress and most of these Hollywood stars have security which is specially licensed to carry otherwise illegal weapons.

The president and his family have dozens of men armed with fully automatic weapons protecting them. Obama will never give that up, but he expects my family to live without protection. He claims to stand for the “little guy” but under the proposed ban, only the rich would be able to have adequate protection, because only professional security guards could obtain the necessary license to be well armed. Average people would have to wait for the police to show up and investigate their murder.

Say my family is home in bed when we hear a group of home invaders crashing through the back door. Without a “high capacity” magazine, I will not have sufficient fire power to stop them from killing my entire family. “How many rounds do you need” you ask. Maybe you should ask the NYPD or the state police, who have fired as many as 60 rounds to stop one perpetrator. Is my family less important than Obama’s or some Hollywood diva? Obama claims that he stands for the middle class, but he will allow protection for himself and his rich friends, while the rest of us are thrown to the wolves.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom