Same old same old

A letter from a reader, after the elections, stated that it appears as though the same old voters elect the same old politicians and we have the same old problems. That prompted me to look into our House of Representatives to see how many were reelected overall. There are 117 freshmen that were sworn in as of January 2013 (27%). Some other interesting facts that were amazing are as follows: 1 member has 58 years of service; 4 members have 40 plus years of service; 17 members have 30 plus years of service; 54 have 20 plus years of service; 104 have 10 plus years of service; 52 have 5 plus years of service; and 207 have less than 5 years of service.

One member is 90 years old; 12 members are 80 plus years old; 45 members are 70 plus years old and 136 members are 60 plus years old (total 194 members).

While checking their background history, there are 161 lawyers (37%) and 77 professional politicians (17%). Members listing their profession as “politician” were those that have served in the local and sate level before becoming a member of the House of Representatives. Total for these two professions is a whopping 54%.

I believe the person writing the letter about the same old voters electing the same old politicians has some merit. I question after so many years in Washington, how these people can really relate to real life of the middle class and their contingents. Power and greed is the way of life in Washington, but how do the “people” get this changed? We will never be allowed to vote on the question of term limits since we then would have the ability to take away some of this “old” power and greed.

A new “debt crisis” is on the horizon and the government may not be able to pay its bills. So what do they do? Threaten the seniors by saying social security would be affected. Who stole all the money from that account in the first place? Why can’t they find some spending cuts such as foreign aid? Where are all these countries receiving aid when we have a disaster here in the United States?

Marjorie Danley


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom