OK folks, how do we prevent criminals and “challenged” people from obtaining guns on the street, you know, a bad person with an unregistered or stolen gun? Your solution to solve this recent massacre, (what about the kids and gang-bangers who died in Chicago and D.C. last year?) is exactly what Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, pol pot, Castro, and Chavez used to CONTROL their populations. This country was founded on the principle of a free people governed by a small, unobtrusive government. The Founders wrote the Second Amendment so the citizenry could protect itself from another king or a dictatorial form of government. Today that amendment is under assault because a “challenged” person used a “scary looking” rifle to do a terrible deed. Would his sleeping mother still be alive if he used a knife or a club? Perhaps our Senator Diane “I’m packin'” Feinstein has never been sport or target shooting. Yes, there are civilized citizens who actually enjoy sport shooting and target shooting. And think of the tax dollars it generates! Banning scary looking guns and other weapons will never stop a person from obtaining any kind of weapon to do terrible things. Put away the emotions and re-election plans and realize the problem is psychologically damaged citizens who need help but don’t realize it. And also realize that if you try to help them, the government funded ACLU is just a phone call away to litigate for the next “victim” you’re trying to get help for. In this litigious society, there are no solutions, only more victims who pass the blame for their actions onto someone else.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom