Street violence, guns

I believe that in our legislators’ efforts to provide freedoms of religion, expression, sexual orientation, etc. to everyone, respect for the basic tenets that have governed people since this nation was founded have been tossed out the window.

We have lost respect for human life and the preservation of that life at all cost. Where we once respected life from the moment of conception to a natural death, we now kill babies in the womb and pull an unborn baby partially out of the womb and legally end its precious life!

How many of our senior citizens have lost their lives at the hands of these so called “Angels of Mercy!”

All moral teaching has been taken out of our schools in an effort to placate those minorities who do not believe as most of us do.

We once taught decent moral values to our children, equipping them with standards needed to lead morally valuable adult lives. Stop teaching violence.

Begin by returning the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer to our schools. Next, allow teachers to teach right from wrong and to correct inappropriate behavior. If any parent disagrees with this, let them home-school their children. Don’t punish the majority over the objections of the few!

Start cleaning up television programming, music and computer games. Find solutions to deal with those individuals whose training is now leading them into lives of crime and violent behavior.

Judges should have standards that must be followed in deciding appropriate punishment for those who break our laws. As for controlling the glut of illegal guns on our streets, we must look for the source of these weapons.

To enact further legislation restricting the legal use and ownership of firearms would not produce the results needed to stop the flow of guns to those intending to use them in the commission of a crime.

Anyone who wants the pleasure of owning and using guns must understand that with the ownership comes an inherent responsibility. Gun manufacturers should not be held responsible for their guns being used in the commission of a crime no more than an auto manufacturer should be held responsible when someone is injured or dies as the result of an auto accident! Laws outlining the punishment that a dealer can expect when they do not complete the proper background checks prior to releasing the weapon to the buyer and laws outlining the minimum requirements that a gun owner must follow to properly safeguard their weapon(s) must be passed and enforced.

Being a gun owner and hunting enthusiast, I personally have no objections to appropriate laws that will stop the flow of illegal weapons into the hands of criminals. I do strongly object to any law that will further restrict my legal ownership and use of firearms! And, I do not object to laws that would punish me if I wrongfully and negligently allow one of my weapons to end up on the streets!

Eugene R. Otterbein, Sr.

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Submitted by Virtual Newsroom