The correct direction

It is so sad to hear of those who wish to keep Christ out of Christmas. Without Christ there is no Christmas. If Jesus Christ is the most important part of our Christmas then His love pouring from our hearts will come all other good things; selflessness instead of pride, forgiveness instead of anger, gratefulness instead of entitlement.

If you have experienced the love of God, His forgiveness and salvation in your life then share it with others this Christmas. His love through us is the most powerful healing for a hurting world. Gods love is not limited to those who go to church and read the Bible. His forgiveness extends to everyone even a baby or child murderer.

It is not our place to judge but only to believe in Jesus and to accept his gift and to share it with others.

We can share this love by smiling and talking to strangers, by reaching out to our friends family and neighbors with a warm touch and sincere questions about what is going on in their lives. We can take time for the children in our life and never hesitate to extend a helping hand to and older person or others in need. We can ask others if they need prayer for anything and pray with them. The simplest gestures matter and make a difference. We do not need money, talents or time to encourage good and challenge sin, we only need an open heart and a willing spirit. God has not turned his back on the chaos of the world. He is looking to all willing servants to help mend hearts. There will always be hardship and pain but with Jesus there can also always be peace and joy. Your part is important. We each have a special part in the play.

Turn to Jesus. Keep Christ’s love in your heart into the new year and for as long as we have. You will never regret it.

Andrea Abernatha

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom